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Friday, December 16, 2011

Provincetown Historic Walking Tour

The birthplace of American democracy. America’s oldest art colony. And where modern American playwriting began. Come with us on this interactive walking tour of historic Provincetown! The walking tour is also available for the iPhonePlease click here to download free app

Provincetown Historic Walking Tour

From the signing of the Mayflower Compact by the Pilgrims in 1620 to the staging of Eugene O’Neill’s first play in 1916, Provincetown’s harbor, homes and other landmarks are rich in a layered history and have inspired artists and tourists alike. 

Walking Tour for iPhone Screenshots

In this walking tour we have selected some of the most significant buildings and sites associated with four centuries of Provincetown history. As you walk the length of Commercial Street, you will see how each of these 50 buildings or sites tells part of our extraordinary story. 

If you are inspired to learn more, please visit our website and look for the book Building Provincetown, by David W. Dunlap, which expands the story for over 600 of our historic buildings. 

We are proud to share this rich history with you. 

Enjoy the tour!
Provincetown Historical Commission

This Historic Provincetown Walking Tour app is provided by the Provincetown Historical Commission and was funded by the Provincetown Tourism Fund.

Provincetown Historical Commission:
Eric Dray, Chair, Stephen Borkowski, Polly Burnell, Steve Milkewicz, Char Priolo, and Susan Avellar

Text: David Dunlap
Photographs: Ewa Nogiec and Eric Dray

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